ARIPO's Director General ARIPO comments on the 2017 CISAC Global Collections Report

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The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) has launched the 2017 Global Collections Report in Paris, France. The Report launched today, 15 November 2017, shows Global royalty collections for creators have hit a new record high of €9.2 billion annually, up 6% on the previous year.

The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization's Director General, Mr Fernando dos Santos, says this is a good trend globally and especially for Africa.

"It is indeed exciting to hear that Africa collections reported to CISAC increased by 9.5% (€67m) in 2016. It has been our greatest hope to see the creative industry flourish; collections for different sectors have improved though there is still room for improvement.

For example, the music collections increased by +11.1% and digital collections have grown but only account for 6% of the global royalty collections. The Broadcasting industry are major users of
creative content in Africa yet from the recent survey undertaken by CISAC only 40% are licensed. Africa needs to improve its copyright and related rights landscape to ensure transfer of value benefits to creators who in most cases creative work are undervalued and receive unsatisfactory compensation.

The Policy and Legal Frameworks for African countries has to be redefined to ensure that users like: broadcasting organizations; digital service providers; educational institutions; hotels; restaurants; art galleries and auction houses compensate the creators and curb piracy.

ARIPO will continue to undertake initiatives with strategic partners to contribute to the benefits and protection of the African creative industry market at large," says dos Santos.

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